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Dahahahaaa, holy crap, this took me long enough to update... XD;;
I suppose that since I've become a member at DeviantArt, which ALSO has a journal function AS WELL as a free uploadable art archive, I never felt much use for this little journal thingie anymore. ^_^;;

Soooorry, peoples.
Can't deny though, that with my job, DeviantArt, Moogle Cavern, and my own site to worry about, not much time is gonna be left to check this place.
I suggest that if you HAVE a Deviantart account, you let me know so I can watch you. =)

So, what kind of holy crap happened in the time I was gone?
Time for a quick recap.

- My "The Horror" comic archive has pretty much doubled since being on the MC Hoaxes and Comics archive.
- Plenty of new IMP episodes.
- Got a DS. Current games are Mario 64 DS and Polarium.
- Couple of new games for Gamecube, including Viewtiful Joe 2, Star Fox Assault, Conflict: Desert Storm, and WarioWare.
- Plenty of weird crap going on at MoogleMB - Long story short, we're on another temporary emergency forum.
- My Grundig job has ended, and am thusly back to working at Data Entry.

So yeah, that's about it over here. Aheheh.
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