Hi no Harinezumi (hhog) wrote,
Hi no Harinezumi

Happy new y-...whuaaahh?

So, hey there all you live journalists, it's been a while hasn't it?
I just figured I'd drop a "Probably last ever" message in here to formally say goodbye to this place; also, to leave a few links to where people will be able to find me if they are so inclined to remain in contact with me.

I'm not ever planning on deleting this journal though, I'm not so dramatic to do that. History is history, and while I may not be proud of everything in my past (particularly the amount of angsty whining to my name -- I just needed a place to vent, I guess?), I certainly don't want to forget any of it either. While I may have done my fair share of bellyacheing, I still consider those times generally more carefree as they are now, even if I may not have seen it that way at the time.
Long story short, I still miss my mother daily -- and yes, even my grandmother, who has been the aim of a rather unfair share of complaints throughout the majority of this very journal, still has a fond place remaining in my heart as well.

So how's life been treating me in the past few years?
Well, there's been ups and downs as is to be expected, but on the whole I would say things have been going rather nicely.
I've been living on my own now, trying to manage things as best I can. I've been in a steady relationship for almost 5 years, with a lovely girl who lives in England; and yes, that makes it a long-distance relationship -- but at least England is fairly manageable to periodically travel to from here, plus we talk over Skype practically daily.
Is it difficult to maintain a relationship like this? Well, I'm not gonna lie -- it is. But we do love each other, and have seen each other "for real" a few times now, and yes, plans are slowly shaping up for me to move into a larger place over here so we'll be able to live together eventually.

Friendship wise, some new people have moved into my life who I consider some of my best buddies, others have grown more into the background, some became vague acquaintances, and even then some I lost contact with altogether.

While I may not be the best at putting effort into maintaining my contacts, and actually almost make a point of it to remain on the reclusive side on any and all "Instant Message" services, I actually appreciate - and much more prefer - contact from people through "Non-Instant" alternatives where I can think my messages through a lot better before replying.
I'm still very much a shy and awkward human being all things considered, and get scatterbrained easily when "juggling" many conversations at once (of which there will always be at least one going with my girlfriend, as one can imagine).

That said, places where one can find me are as follows!

  • Facebook, at http://www.facebook.com/hhoguera (drop a message along with any friend requests so I know who you are!)

  • deviantArt, at http://hhog.deviantart.com

  • http://www.soniceatsrings.com, the semi-unofficial successor of what was once the Moogle Cavern (I don't visit the place as often as I once did, but I'm still reachable here on occasion)

  • Through email, coldflamehhog on gmail dot com

  • I also seem to be hanging around on Tumblr from time to time as of late, at http://hhoguera.tumblr.com/

  • I barely use twitter, but if you must use it to contact me, it's @hhoguera.

  • HHoguera#3786 on Discord. I honestly don't pay much attention to it, but it's there, I suppose.

Also, gaming-wise;Well, have a happy new year, everyone -- I may still check back here on occasion (like once every few years or so, hahaha~), but don't expect me to update this thing anymore, aside from edits to this particular post to keep track of where I am to be found.


-Ruben "H Hog" van Ophuizen
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