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Happy Holidays, everyone.

As much as I'd love to reply to everyone personally in my last entry (I remember you all too, Phoenix Wright and Ayreon both kick ass muchly, and I appreciate the sympathy with regards to my mother), I shouldn't be taking too long to write this.
You see, apart from my short outings at the MC with Mobile Internet via my phone, I haven't had much opportunity to use the Internet this past week. I've moved to a new place now, and while I'm having enough fun redecorating the place, reading my old comics, playing games and listening to music, I haven't yet been supplied with internet, or even basic television, for that matter. So the phone is all I got right now.
Well, not right now, as I'm posting this with my mom's old computer in a half-empty house I used to live in.
But I don't think I'll be able to get proper internet or TV at my new place until after the hoilidays, 'cause apart from the fact that most provider offices are closed during this time, I'm way too busy to even bother with the 'net in the first place. And the fun part is, I'm not even really missing it all too much, either. I mean sure, it takes a bit long with the dinky mobile internet to look up the latest Smash Bros update or check my email, but for the moment, I think that'll be all I really need to do anyway.

But even so... I'll probably keep mom's old computer hooked up in the old house anyway, so I can check back at some places every so often (so far I've been coming back here every day to sort old stuff out) until I get my proper connection at my new place. I'll check back with you folks at Livejournal once that happens, so until then, happy holidays and see you all again next year! =D


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