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Hi no Harinezumi

*quietly peeks around the corner*

*stealthily attempts posting*

Man. Have I ever been out of the loop at this place. It's been a new record; two years and 4 months without a journal entry!
So.... For those of you whom I haven't talked to as of late; heya. =D

Let's see.... An update as to what I've been up to since last time. Let's start with the worst, then gradually move up to better news.

First off, some of you might not have heard this, but my mother passed away last September.
After a few weeks of slow decline in her health, caused among others by anemia, she passed on at the age of 44.
Since then I've been slowly trying to piece my life back together again, with help from my remaining family and friends.

Last week, my cat Cedi went and joined her, he had a heart disease and pulmonary edema. He's been keeping himself strong for a long time, but eventually he overexerted himself at some point, and came home breathing heavily. After a struggle to keep him breathing, we eventually decided he had to be put down.

If all that wasn't enough, I'm moving to a new place soon, since this house is too big and expensive to manage and afford on my own.
My new place isn't big, but I guess I'll manage. I just picked up the key yesterday, so later today I'm gonna start moving stuff over there (it's a fairly short walk from where I live now).

A few weeks ago, my family and I finally cleaned out the storage boxes that still held the content of mom and my home from the first time we got "removed" from our house, almost 10 years ago.
It was great seeing so much of my old stuff again, which makes it extra painful having to decide what I can and can't take along to my new place, and what should be tossed out. But I think I'm finally somewhat through everything, save from a few VCR tapes I still want to check to see if I taped any old Dutch episodes of the Sonic cartoon on 'em. XD
(What. It's youth sentiment. And trust me, there are no Dutch dubbed Sonic episodes anywhere on the Internet. I checked.)

In better and more recent news, my aunt took me to Ikea last Wednesday to choose some new furniture for my home; a Bed/Couch combo and a coffee table. My cousin's gonna pick it up tomorrow, and help me put it together at my new place. =)

Now, as for totally unrelated news.... Let's do what I always do and plug my comic!
*The entirety of Livejournal collectively facepalms*
No wait, wait... It's not like that. See, it moved to a new place. Kulock shut down the Hoax and Comic Archive, and The Horror had to find a new home. Now I COULD have put them on my website, after all, that's what those things are normally for. However, I kinda liked the MC archive's ability for people to individually comment on every comic.
So I went the tedious way and uploaded the whole lot of 'em on DeviantArt.
I haven't a clue what the heck I'm gonna do with my hoaxes. Maybe I'll put those on my site after all.

SO! How about those Smash Bros. updates, huh? Man, that Sakurai. What a card.

Oh yeah, and now for my fanboy moment.... *takes a deep breath*
Whew. Had to get that out, heh. Uhm, yeah. I'm a big Ayreon fan, and by sheer coincidence (clicking an Amazon.com link via Newgrounds) I noticed that their new album "01011001" has been announced. I pre-ordered it already, eheheh... XD
I normally don't preorder ANYTHING, but I have to admit... I can't wait 'till it's arrived!

Oh, and in final news... I'm sorry, Livejournal. I'm cheating on you with Blogspot!
But don't worry, I'm not gonna abandon this place in favour of it.
Redundant my blogspot account may be, I... opened it on a whim because it came easily with my Gmail account. Aheheh.
I don't know what I'm gonna do with it, but who knows... it might serve some purpose someday.
Knowing me I wouldn't count on it too much, but yeah.

Uhhhmmmm..... I guess that's about it for now! My apologies for abandoning this place for so long, I'll try my best to catch up on stuff you all have been up to once I'm good and settled at my new place, and maybe then we can all just sit down and chat with eachother again for old time's sake. =D
In the mean time, I've went and dug through my friends list and added some extra people who my friends have friended and turn out to know myself, too. XD Surprise!
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