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Daaah, here's H Hog and his bi-yearly update. Huzzah!

No, nono, I'm not dead! See? I'm posting! Look at me posting! Haha!
... *cough*
OK, anyway.

First off! Hi, how've you all been, love you all, etcetera.

Next up....
I say it time and time again, people. Gimme a shout if you add me to your friendslist! *eyes Andrusi, Keith Stack, Sestren and Persona in particular*
Even a comment on my latest journal entry will do! =P

Now, other things of relevance...
SAGE (Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo) has come and went since last update - Alex Kidd went over moderately well, but I really ought to get off my arse and do something with that game before I bin it out of sheer frustration.

Stuff concerning the "International Moron Patrol" has slowly started picking up again.
Roger's still making movies, the backlog of unfinished episodes that still needed voices is steadily shrinking, and all is well in the world.

I really should try and get back into contact more with some of my friends whom I don't really see much anymore outside of this place.
*pokes the likes of Sestren, Troppy, Rick, Diddlypuff and Aeromancy, among others*

In other news, I'd love to plug my comic "The Horror" again, except that the Moogle Cavern's main site's been bandwidth'nated because of Blaze Hedgehog's astounding succes with his fangame, Super Mario Blue Twilight DX (a.k.a. "Marioween").
The download of which was a bit too much for Kulock's poor server to take. XD;;

Yeah, it's awesome that the guy's game is so popular, and he sure as heck deserves the credit - but now I'm without a comiiiiiic... ;_;
Ohwell, no hard feelings or anything, it'll be back by the start of next month, anyway. XD;;
In the meantime, props to Blaze, and go play Marioween. It's worth it, and you gotta have SOMETHING to do if you're not reading my comic. ;D *promptly jumped on*

Hmph. Seems I ran outta stuff to talk about. And I was on a roll, too.
Well, seeya next update.... sometime early 2006, maybe? XDDDD
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I wasn't aware you updated this thing!
Neither was I. XD
zomg HHog o.o; *pokes you*
zoomj Robochar =o *pokes back*
Yays! I misses you ;___; <3
I had no idea you even remembered me... I was kind of worried that one day I'd get a 'Who are you and what are you doing reading my journal you freaky freakin' freak??' sort of message. But I guess I don't need to worry.

Or do I? (DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!)
;_; Didders!

.. And Frenchie!

.. And other people!

Damn, I'm behind. XD Um. Hi Dids and H.
Didders? Whoa. A new one. *adds to the list* And hi!! *overly tired and happy and neeeeeding pillow. Mmm, pillow*
Hahahaha, H, you found me.
The engine could use a bit of work, but beyond that, it's a pretty awesome game.
Also, I added you to my friends list quite some time ago, if you haven't noticed. It's good to see that you still update this thing; I was afraid for a bit that I had added someone to my friends list that has stopped using livejournal or something.
Yarr. My poor little server. ;_;