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Mueh, again I find myself not updating this for a while.

Stuff that happened in the recent past:

-Got into playing YuGiOh. It's more fun then I thought it'd be.
Even got into a little tournament thingy with a friend of mine. We didn't classify all that high, but it was fun nonetheless. Yayness.

-Made a new friend, his name is Tristan.
He likes to play YuGiOh, Mario Kart, Worms and Melee.
And he's freaking good at all of the above. Ye gods.

-For the first time in my life, I went to the airport.
The airport in my own freaking city, and it's the first time I actually went there. XD
Anyway, I went there to meet this guy I know from the Dominic Deegan forums, by the name of Seth Jeffery.
He makes kickass music, and since he was going to the Netherlands already anyway, I went to buy a CD off him. =D
It's good.

-Also, I reccomend clicking that link above and start reading Dominic Deegan. It's one of the best webcomics I know.

-Got into playing the Shining Force remake for the GBA.
If you've played Shining Force before, you'll probably like this better (for nostalgia purposes) then if you haven't.
For those that never played Shining Force, it's comparable to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, except for the fact that Shining Force has a bigger RPG element in it, actually visiting towns and finding your troops to recruit, instead of waddling across an overworld map and obtain allies with randomly generated names.
Don't worry, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I still like you, too.
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