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I've just ordered a new computer since this one's pissing me off so much.
I got an extra "vacation bonus" with my salary, but since I'm not going on vacation anytime soon, I'm gonna spend it all on a new computer.

So anyway, it's a Dell computer, Pentium IV, 80 Gig HD, and I'm getting a Printer/Scanner combo with it for free. ^_^
Now to wait 8 to 10 days for delivery.

I saved some expenses by not ordering a monitor (my old one works just allright), and lowering the warranty from 3 years to 1 year.
It cost me my entire month sallary, so no Gamecube games for me this month. ;P

Other noteworthy stuff:

-Moogle Cavern site reopened. Crowd causes uproar.

-IMP episode 17 is online, special appearance by Kulock, Nate Netfox and N Hof.

-Sonic X started yesterday in the Netherlands. As I feared, Dutch dubbed. Most voices are decent, though I'd have rather seen it English. In proud Sonic voice acting fashion, they've managed to screw up Tails horribly. He sounds like a gnome or something. >_<

-I've finally played and cleared "Day of the Tentacle". The game is AWESOME. =D

...That'll probably be it, I suppose.
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