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Potato! ARRRR!

Yay, dug up more Megadrive games.

Mickey mouse game. Much less fun then the "Illusion" series of games.
May sell it off to a 2nd hand store or something.

-Jewel Master
Actually borrowed this from a friend once, whom I've never seen since I left school.
It's a surprisingly fun platformer with this dude who has rings of the 4 elements and you use and combine them to attack and stuff.

-Balloon Boy/Funny World
Unlicensed cart I bought at a marketplace once.
Ballloon Boy is some sort of Space Invaders-esque thing but instead of the balloons dropping down there's a timelimit.
Funny World is sort of a Duck Hunt thing, but the targets only run from left to right and you control sort of a "gun turret" to shoot them.
Surprisingly bad.

-Rolling Thunder 2
Platform/Shooter game. Think James Bond or something.
Or for NES enthusiasts, Lupin III.

-Comix Zone
Single-player platform fighting game which takes place on the pages of a comic book.
Highly recommended.

-Splatterhouse 2
Horror-themed platform fighting game.
Beat large creeps with exploding stomachs using a lead pipe, hack into acid-barfing hanging zombie babies using a chainsaw, and kick endless zombie butt. Messy.

-Devil Crash
Surprisingly good Satanist-themed Pinball game with 1 main table and 6 bonus stages.
It's actually Japanese, but I modified the cartridge with a Stanleyknife and a rough file to make it fit in my European Megadrive. XD

If anyone was interested in the stuff I salvaged, now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
Rolling Thunder and Splatterhouse are actually borrowed from a friend, though.
But I've got some of my own games back from him too, so yeah.

I've also bought a GC Action Replay, finally.
Does anyone know of a way that I can "convert" American AR codes to use on PAL/European games?
Since I've got some American SA2:B codes I've been itching to try out. ;D
Much appreciated if anyone can find this.

I suppose I should go to sleep now, it's half past eleven and I should wake up at 6 to get to work on time. X_@
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