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Hey, wow, uhmm... another month long awayness.

I'm back, for the Nth time. XD

Recap of the past month:

I've been coping with my grandmother's loss, I'm pretty much all coped by now.
It's good. Again, thank you all for your support during the tough times, it helped me a lot.

-My mom went to a lawyer, and since my grandmother didn't willingly "leave" the house, we get to keep it. =D

-Dug up my Sega Megadrive.
Building my game library back up, currently I've reposessed Animaniacs, Sword of Vermillion, Sonic 3D, Zombies, and Wonderboy. (Woohoo!)

-Roger, the main man of the International Moron Patrol, has visited my place almost two weeks ago, and plans to do so again wednesday.
He's a cool guy. =D

-Been getting into the Yu-Gi-Oh card game.
Surprisingly, it's more fun then I initially thought it'd be.

-I've moved to a sub-division of my job's location; I can now officially say that I'm a member of Grundig Audio Electronics' service department.
In a nutshell: People send back discmans, DVD players, and stereosets to have them repaired in their guarantee,
I check if they still work properly, if not I replace them, if so they're sent back. =P

-I'm having pie at the moment. =)

-Saw "Van Helsing" last week. I liked it.

-"The Horror" had a guest artist festival. Go check it out. =D

I think thats about all. Now to finish that pie.
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